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Review on Origin Tea's Taiwan Assam Black Tea

"A Taiwanese Assamica... what a fruit bomb! You can tell right off the fragrance of the beautiful, large, and whole dry leaves what you're in for: potent savory-sweet fragrance mixture with a layer of dark dried fruit somewhere between raisins and sun dried tomato. Its very attractive and brilliant. Rinsing the tea releases intense fruity aromas that fill the room. "

Review on Origins Tea's Hong Yun - Yu Chi

"The dry fragrance has a faint floral note, but doesn't reveal too much. Once hit with water for rinsing, though, the aroma shows its face with a strong introduction of a complex bouquet of floral top notes on a platform of honey and Qimen-esque fruit... but describing this in these terms doesn’t really do this justice, as the aromatic components are gracefully unified. Its floral, fruity, herbal, minty, and fruity, but goes beyond the typical... this is one of those teas you can sit around huffing your gaiwan all day. These aroma highlights read like a high quality dark Taiwanese-style oolong, but a more classic malt character is recognizable coming off the rinse water. showing off the depth and complexity of this tea."

Review on Origins Tea's Wild Black Tea

"The retronasal aroma is strong in later steeps, with the background character (cherry juice? Dried cherries?) creeping forward more and more. The bottom of the dry cup smells intoxicating with buttery cinnamon."

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Review on Origins Tea's Red Jade

"So, when I took a sip of this tea, I was talking with Ben about...something...don't remember what, but it is safe to say that the conversation was immediately ended by my wild flailing and inarticulate squealing. This tea from the first sip blew my mind, it is so sweet and so intense! Starting with notes of apricots and sassafras, plumeria and chocolate. Then it moves to persimmons, menthol, and cloves with a finish of cherries and menthol that lasts long into the aftertaste. "

Review on Origins Tea's Shui Xian

"First steep, and you know, I am just going to lay this on the line, if I ever have the opportunity to go on a hay ride I want this tea to come with me, it is just so autumn! Notes of roasted chestnuts, dried cherries, honey drizzled toast and kettlecorn blend with tobacco and distant char, it reminds me of the distinct taste that the air gets during autumn and I adore it."

Review on Origins Tea's Oriental Beauty

"You are probably wondering if I had another steep...well yeah, I did...and several more, because I love OB and will steep it until is is slightly golden sweet water. I could tell by the third steep that it was going to be a long lasting tea, the taste has similar notes to the second steep  but is even richer. With an almost malty quality, the sweetness of pumpkin and persimmon dance with plums and a distant subtle raisin note. As the later steeps continue on the fruit becomes the dominant notes, specifically plum and apricot with a long lasting aftertaste. I greatly enjoyed my session with this tea."

Review on Origins Tea's Bao Zhong

"After the initial steeping in my gaiwan, the aroma of the leaves is pretty intense. Strong notes of chestnut and sesame seeds blend with hyacinth, orchid, and lilac with a finish of crisp green undertones of zucchini. The liquid is all sweetness, with notes of buttery chestnuts and sesame seeds, honeysuckles, lilacs, and a very distant note of sage. It is nectar-like in its sweetness."

Review on Origins Tea's Hong Yun

"One thing I will say in this tea's favor that makes me tempted to add more to my stash, that grapefruit note was awesome, I do not run into enough teas that have a natural citrus note, I love its bright quality and wish I could run into it more often."