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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing from Origins Tea you agree not to resell or remarket the purchased tea.  Any photos on the website are either the property of Origins Tea or have received the permission to use the photos. 

Origins Tea uses a third party shipper, and although we will package your item with care, we will not be responsible for any damages caused by the shipper or customs.

By visiting Origins Tea, you agree that any emails or communication with Origins Tea may be used to promote the site in a positive manner. 



Privacy Policy

We at Origins Tea take your privacy seriously.  When you place an order with us, you will be asked to provide your financial information.  We will do our utmost diligence to ensure your privacy is not exposed in any manner.

We will safeguard your information in a diligently manner and take the utmost precautions in protecting your privacy.  Should a breach occur we will notify you immediately.

Origins Tea will not sell or trade your information with any third party vendors.  We will have to comply with law enforcement request if required to do so under extreme circumstances.